THE ORTELUSA Talent Acquisition 

Corporate clients are more sophisticated and consequently, more demanding of contract recruiters than ever before. According to market research studies, no longer is a firm size, international capability, or an extensive database driving the decision on selecting a talent acquisition or contract recruiter executive.   

However, professional, technology drive and methodical systemic selection of candidates is what is setting talent acquisition executives apart from one another. ORTELUSAís progressive talent acquisition recruting system is the most viable source of personalized professional recruiting consulting located with in the contract recruiting industry. Other contract recruiters and Talent Acquisition executives seek ORTELUSA's advice, input and direction regarding executing critical requisitions. ORTELUSA's progressive hiring process has been utlized by respected hiring managers and executives for the past 25 years to present.                                        

Corporate America is continually changing, however one issue remains standard through the times, and that is results. ORTELUSA’s advanced search applications provide the necessary results to insure corporations with a solid business future.


ORTELUSA  Talent Acquisition and Strategic Contract Executive Recruiting Applications:                     

Monthly Talent Acquisition Consulting   

In this hiring application, a monthly contract/engagment is constructed based on the client's requests regarding multiple positions.  Typically, a standard per month engagement is created in order to aid in identifying the applicable talent/executive for the specific critical positions.  

We have consulted for corporate clients for various periods of time ranging from a month, a quarter, bi-yearly and a full year. We can design a customized month to month agreement to produce the results you need with cost and production at the focus of the engagement.

Strategic Contract Executive Recruiting Consulting 

In this hiring application, a single individual requisition is strategicially targeted in this progressive hiring format. Utilizing various proprietary recruiting techniques established via current hiring technologies, 25 years of executive selection expertise and a sophisticated candidate validation process.                 

The overview of the strategic search starts with the appropriate executives being interviewed at the client company in order to design a Position Specification describing the basic responsibilities, reporting relationship, required education, and experience. This specification becomes the guidelines for the search. Next a Target List of companies is organized to access for recruiting. Upon developing the target list, accessing the target organizations commences in order to identify sources and areas that will produce qualified candidates. Potential candidates are interviewed and screened according to the job requirements set forth. If the candidate meets all the requirements, a confidential candidate report profiling the individual will be sent to the client for review. Upon approval, cleint-to-candidate phone call is conducted. If the client-to-candidate phone call is successful, we then extend an offer to the candidate to visit our client for onsite meetings. After the onsite candidate meeting with the client and as the process draws to a close, ORTELUSA remains available for direct involvement in the final salary negotiations that follow with the final candidate. Upon candidate acceptance of the offer letter from our client we then maintain contact with the candidate as they make the critical move of resigning from their current employer to join our client's company at the agreed upon start date.

Reverse Executive Search Consulting|Employee

In this search application, we will assist an Employee in locating a new job via our unique system of direct targeting of specific companies that meet your creditials and qualifications as an executive. A month to month contract/engagement can be constructed based on the amount of assistance an individual would like in locating a position at a new company.


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