ORTELUSA offers…

Talent Acquisition Management and          
Corporate Enhancement Products

Specialized Contract Recruiting in the following disciplines:      

  • Engineering Staff
    Engineering Management
    Engineering Executive

  • Research & Development
    Product Development Management

  • Finance, Administration and Accounting

  • Sales Executive
    Sales Management
    Marketing Management

  • Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Operating Officer
    Senior Vice President
    General Manager
    Vice President
    Director Managerial and Executive level

  • Operations Management

  • Human Resources

  • Program Management
    Project Management

  • Advanced Technology Executives

    Providing Talent Acquisition Consulting with in the following Industries:

    - Microprocessor
    - Internet Technologies
    - Computer Hardware
    - Biotechnology
    - Casino Gaming
    - Consumer Products
    - Multimedia
    - Defense Technology
    - Telecommunications / Mobile
    - Custom Manufacturing
    - Real Estate Management
    - Automotive
    - Software Development
    - Entertainment
    - Consumer Electronics
    - Entertainment
    - Consumer Electronics



    ortelCCV | Covert Candidate Validation

    • Brief Overview of CCV: How can a company’s Human Resource or Hiring Manager truly verify if a candidate’s resume information is legitimate? ORTELUSA’s CCV is the solution.

    ortelCIS | Competitor/Customer Intel Study

    • Brief Overview of CIS: How can you stay ahead of your competitor and sell more products and services to your customer? ORTELUSA’s CIS is the solution.

     ortelESS | ExcelSalesSolutions.com

    • Brief Overview of ESS: How does a company speed up their sales process? ORTELUSA’s ESS is the solution.

     ortelODD | OnDemand

    • Brief Overview of ODD: ORTELUSA will create a customized solution to our Client’s needs that will benefit their business. Popular areas of ODD focus are in Sales, Marketing, Research Marketing, Product Development & Strategic Organizational Planning.  

Los Angeles, California